(WGNO) — Hey ya’ll! Hope everyone made the fantasy playoffs.

If you didn’t, better luck next year, and in the meantime, please stay off the waiver wire

If you did, we have a few simple tips to keep in mind moving forward.

First, don’t be afraid to pick up a second defense. All of the teams are good when you get in the playoffs. Working matchups might be the slight edge you need.

Secondly, don’t be too cute. In other words, play the players who got you to the postseason. Let the other fantasy leaguers overthink their rosters.

And finally, keep a watchful eye on the weather. For example, great players in a blizzard are going to be worse than good players in the sun.

Anyway, this is a wrap for 2022.

Always appreciate you stopping by.

Good luck for the remainder of your season and please remember to always tip your bartender!

Oliver Stevenson is a bartender at MRB located at 515 St Philip Street in New Orleans, and a two-time Gold Rush Fantasy Football League champion and co-host of ‘The USFL Show’ podcast. MRB was voted best ‘Bar Food Establishment’ by Where Y’at Magazine in 2021.