(WGNO) — Is Derek Carr a great NFL quarterback? His numbers say no, but those numbers come with an asterisk.

Last season, Carr played for his 7th NFL head coach since he was drafted by Dennis Allen and the Raiders in 2014. Seven. It is a mind-boggling number.

So, he’s leaving a dysfunctional franchise for one that, for the last 17 years, has been the picture of stability.

Carr did not have good numbers last year. His completion percentage, 60.8, was the second worst of his NFL career. His touchdown to interceptions ratio, 24-14 wasn’t great either. And, both of the those numbers happened with an elite receiver, Devante Adams, and the NFL’s leading rusher Josh Jacobs on board.

But, even that comes with a disclaimer. Carr was on a team that was 5th worst in yards allowed in the NFL. The Saints defense was 5th best.

With the acquisition of Carr, the Saints have already won the offseason. They get a quarterback who is certainly in the top 10-15 starters in the league. And, with an outstanding defense, and some additional help at the skill positions in the draft and free agency, the Saints have to be the favorites in the NFC South.

if the Saints do indeed win the division, then Carr will get the opportunity to prove something he only had the chance to do once, that is, win a playoff game.

The Saints have a lot invested in Derek Carr, and they in him. He is their future and Dennis Allen’s future. They are both betting on each other.

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