NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On a Monday conference call with reporters, Tulane head coach Willie Fritz joked that a reporter didn’t waste any time asking him questions about his future.

It was a good icebreaker by Fritz, who this week, is handling a delicate situation.

He’s trying to get his team ready to play a championship game, as rumors of his departure to Georgia Tech swirl.

Here’s the likely scenario. Tulane beats Central Florida Saturday, and the head coach gets carried off the field as his team wins the American Athletic Conference championship. And, later that night, Fritz hops on a jet and heads to Atlanta to take the job at Georgia Tech. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Georgia Tech makes a hire in the next 24 to 48 hours. If they don’t, they have their man, and are waiting, impatiently.

Fritz said all the right things Monday. When asked about Georgia Tech, he said he “didn’t want to get involved in somebody else’s business.” Fair enough. What he didn’t say was that he is not a candidate for another job. Which means, he is.

Over the last 24 hours, many Tulane fans have wondered why Fritz would leave for Georgia Tech. The answers are obvious. One is a power Five job, the other is not. Georgia Tech is a tough power 5 job, but I am sure it is one Fritz feels he can be successful.

He will be the hire of a new director of athletics at Georgia Tech, and he will be given every resource he can to get the job done.

At Georgia Tech, Fritz can sell Grant Field, he has an indoor practice facility, and he finally gets to test himself in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Plus, he knows the state of Georgia well, being the head coach previously at Georgia Southern.

And, he will likely double his pay.

Coaches are mountain climbers, and out in the distance, Fritz sees a significant mountain. It isn’t Mount Kilimanjaro, but it is high enough. He’s 62. Time to make the move, especially when Tyjae Spears, one of the best players in school history is moving on, too.

Saturday, my guess is both will play their final game at Yulman Stadium. A last-second offer from Tulane to Spears kept Tyjae away from Kansas State.

It changed Spears’ life, and Spears changed Willie Fritz’s life. Someday soon, both will be wealthier.

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