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(WGNO) — I am trying to understand the euphoria over the Saints’ pursuit of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

I keep hearing that Carr is a major upgrade over Andy Dalton. Then I look at the numbers and see that Andy Dalton has a higher yards-per-attempt, a better completion rate, and a better touchdown-to-interception rate.

All of that done on a team with very limited offensive weapons.

In the meantime, Carr had the leading rushing in the NFL Josh Jacobs, and the third leading passer, Davante Adams.

Both are outstanding players.

Dalton had no such luxury.

I am not saying Dalton is the answer, but I am not sure Carr is, either.

I can understand why the Saints like Carr – there’s no question he’s a quality human. But, this isn’t a group encounter. It’s pro football.

And for one-tenth of the price, Andy Dalton was the statistical equivalent of Derek Carr.

So, would someone please tell me why the Saints absolutely have to have Derek Carr?