Michael Thomas, remember him?

Three years ago, he set an NFL record for receptions in a season.

His flex, after outmuscling a defender for a touchdown pass was standard fare.

Then, all of a sudden he disappeared into the night.

After injuring an ankle 22 months ago, Thomas is finally back.

So, what is his new normal?

If you took the average of Thomas’ first four years in the NFL. All healthy he would average 117 catches and eight touchdowns.

Insane numbers.

If Thomas somehow gets back to anywhere close to those numbers, the Saints have a chance to be explosive on offense.

When Thomas was on the same field with Drew Brees, there was near telepathy between the two.

Can Thomas do that with Jameis Winston? It will be one of the Saints’ biggest stories of the 2022 season.

Michael Thomas may be up to the challenge – it will be interesting to see if Saints quarterbacks, are.