NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Since the Saints’ season ended there’s been a ton of conjecture about the club’s quarterbacks.

Here’s what I look at. and, the numbers don’t lie.

Of the top 11 quarterbacks in regular-season completion percentage, 10 made the playoffs. the other, Miami’s Tua Tagavailoa was on a team with a winning record.

So, if your quarterback can’t throw accurately, it is hard to win.

This season, Jameis Winston was a 59 percent passer. Taysom Hill was at 58.2.

So, Sean Payton has to ask himself. can I make those guys much better? Or do I look elsewhere?

I think it is door number two.

The Saints could trade for a franchise quarterback – but that is costly.

Then there’s the draft, supposedly a weak quarterback crop.

The Saints, despite a myriad of problems, still had a winning record. which speaks to the quality of their core roster.

But, that won’t last forever.

Sean Payton has to find an accurate passer.

We will soon find out whether he thinks that quarterback is currently on the roster.