ED-itorial: Was Griffin’s fine spot on, or is the NBA too soft?


NEW ORLEANS — Pelicans executive vice president David Griffin went off on NBA officiating in regards what he called “open season” on Zion Williamson.

Griffin said Williamson has been “mauled” and that other players have told Zion they will continue to foul because those fouls are not called.

And, for that he got a fine of $50,000.

Frankly, I think Griffin got off light.

I thought the fine would be higher.

Garden variety criticism of officiating often draws fines of $25,000.

This was not criticism by Griffin. this was a rebuke.

Was Griffin right? Well, maybe so.

But, way back when, the NBA seemed to be a much tougher game.

Go back to those playoff series featuring the Heat and the Knicks.

They were absolute wars.

NBA basketball these days is too nice!

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