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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — So, as the Saints took apart the Bucs Sunday, I drifted back to last January’s playoff game against Tampa Bay.

The Saints leading by seven – driving – when Jared Cook caught a Drew Brees pass and then fumbled. The Bucs recovered, scored to tie the game, and went on to win by 10.

It was a play that changed the fortunes of two clubs – the Bucs won the Super Bowl – Brees retired.

Now, there’s a least a chance for a Saints-Bucs first-round playoff matchup.

If the Saints were the seven, and the Bucs were the two seed, they would do it all over again in Tampa.

There’s no question the Saints have the formula on defense to beat Brady. get pressure with four, drop seven, and put Malcolm Jenkins on Rob Gronkowski.

It worked again, Sunday night.