(WGNO) — If you are a Saints fan, it is easy to feel that the NFL is arbitrary when it comes to your football team.

I get it.

But, when it comes to the fine for allegedly faking injury, the NFL has been pretty consistent in its warning, a $100,000 fine for the head coach, $350,000 for the organization.

As for the incident itself, it does look a tad fishy when Cam Jordan appears to look to the sideline and then goes down.

But, then again, we are talking about Cam Jordan – a guy who has answered the bell – for this city since 2011.

I have a hard time not believing him.

And, there’s no doubt that the NFL loves to stick it to the Saints.

They didn’t like Sean Payton, and he made sure they knew he didn’t like them.

Right now, the Saints are struggling mightily, and I don’t think that troubles anyone in the league office, one bit.