Well, if you ever wondered about the value of great players, the Saints have certainly learned that without Drew Brees and without Alvin Kamara.

Over the last 19 games, the Saints are zero and five without Kamara.

They are 10-4 with him. That’s a number that is hard to ignore.

Kamara will be back soon – we think.

Quarterback is a bit more problematic.

Give Jameis Winston credit for going out there with four cracked verterbrae in his back. that takes courage.

But Winston has to be much more judicious with the football. He just has to.

Tom Brady didn’t play great Sunday but he also didn’t turn the ball over. Brady understood the dynamic of the game which is two great defenses on the field, you have to patient and smart.

In 320 NFL games, Brady has thrown 204 interceptions.

In 85 NFL games, Winston has thrown 94 interceptions.

The Saints cannot win against the good teams, unless Jameis Winston takes care of the football.

They just cannot.