(WGNO) — LSU President William Tate created some headlines this week when he complained about the WNBA cutting college players drafted last month.

On social media, Tate said he kept quiet about two Tigers’ stars, Alexis Morris and Ladazhia Williams being cut, but then when a star player from Iowa, and another from South Carolina were cut, Tate said the WNBA was “suboptimal.”

Tate added, you can’t cut your way to greatness.

He’s certainly entitled to his opinion.

So, now here are the facts. The WNBA has decided there will only be 12 teams, and 12 players on a roster. Why?

Because that’s what finances dictate. And that’s what the league and players agreed upon in collective bargaining.

The NBA has larger rosters, and 18 more teams, with huge guaranteed contracts for players.

Why? Because the league is popular and networks want the product.

At LSU, professors have tenure. That is the world they live – nothing wrong with that.

But, pro sports is a big, cutthroat business, and LSU’s president should know that.

After all, he and Director of Athletics Scott Woodward fired football coach Ed Orgeron, less than two years after he won a national title.

It’s just business.

Which is exactly what happened in the WNBA this week.