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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The regular season ends Sunday for the Saints, and whether the Saints do or do not make the playoffs, there’s some issues they need to address moving forward.

But, before that, the organization needs to give itself some kudos. The retirement of Drew Brees, and being way over the salary cap, already made this year challenging.

Then the Saints lost their starting quarterback Jameis Winston, lost Alvin Kamara for four games. The offensive line was hit with injury – and COVID made an unwelcomed late-season return.

Yet, here are the Saints with a chance to play ‘bonus’ football.

Two: they must upgrade in a huge way at wide receiver. the Saints need a big play threat.

Three: they need a franchise quarterback. The guys on the roster are all number twos.

The top four seeds in both conferences all have franchise quarterbacks, except for maybe Ryan Tannehill at Tennessee, who is still quite good.

One touchdown in the last 12 quarters tells you the Saints need a lot of work of offense.

What happens from now until the end won’t change that.