NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — As Sean Payton allegedly ponders his future, I leave to it Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin to put it all in perspective.

Tomlin bristled earlier this year, when his name was linked to college head coaching jobs.

At the time, Tomlin said the following.

“I got one of the best jobs in all of professional sport.”

Which is just what Sean Payton, has.

Sure, Payton could dash off to the TV booth for a breather.

But, any job, and I mean any, he returns to in the NFL will not be nearly as good as the one he has.

In New Orleans, Sean Payton has a hands-off owner, and a general manager that is in complete lock step.

That won’t happen if he is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Are Jerry Jones and his son Stephen hands-off?

Let’s get serious.

In New York, Payton would be expected to get the Giants back to the Super Bowl quickly.

But, if Payton were the head coach of the Giants, right now, he would be portrayed as the coach who has not been to a Super Bowl in 12 years.

Whether that’s fair or not, you be the judge.

But, that’s the difference between New York and New Orleans.

And, trust me, Payton knows the difference.

There’s a reason why Payton is connected to all of these woebegone NFL destinations.

When’s the last time the Bears, the Raiders, or the Cowboys won the Super Bowl?

Those franchises have struggled for years, because for whatever reason, ownership has not been able to get it right.

Here in New Orleans, Payton has a good young core.

The Saints are the right quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl.

I can’t imagine Sean Payton picking up the phone and telling Alvin Kamara and Cam Jordan he’s leaving.

If you would like, call me naïve.

So be it.

When he shot down the rumors of coaching in college, Mike Tomlin ended his diatribe with the following.

“Anybody asking Sean Payton about that? Anybody asking Andy Reid about that? Thank you.”

Even though he was referencing college football, Tomlin was acknowledging two head coaches, that like he, have two of the best jobs in the NFL.

Sean Payton needs to ponder that shiny object in the distance.