ED-itorial: Mulkey doesn’t deny it, huge LSU hire imminent

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NEW ORLEANS — According to a Beaumont TV reporter, Kim Mulkey said she will decide Sunday as to whether she will accept the LSU job.

My take?

She’s as good as gone.

When a coach is called about a potential job search, and doesn’t deny interest, there’s no other way to read it.

Here’s what a source told WGNO Sports Saturday night.

LSU has agreed to Mulkey’s contract number, and has agreed to handsomely pay her staff, which she will bring with her.

Mulkey also had a host of stipulations, six of them, that she needed to take the job, and LSU has agreed to every one of them.

There’s no reason for Kim Mulkey to stay at Baylor.

She’s climbed every mountain she can, there.

It is time to come home to Louisiana, and build again.

In my opinion, Kim Mulkey is the greatest athletic figure in the history of Tangipahoa Parish.

A star at Hammond High, she won two national championships as a player at Louisiana Tech.

And, three more as the head coach at Baylor.

(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara, File)

She’s 58 years old.

It is time to come, and climb one more mountain.

This one is purple and gold.

If she does accept the job, and it sure looks like she will, a press conference could happen as early as Monday.

Saturday night, Kim Mulkey acknowledged that she was offered the job, and the decision is hers.

Doesn’t sound to me like a coach who is staying put.

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