Ed-itorial: Like it or not, SEC expansion would be an epic shift in the NCAA


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In the news business, when a story is not denied – you can assume there is some validity to it. And so it was with the report from the Houston Chronicle that Oklahoma and Texas are seeking membership in the SEC.

On Wednesday, that story swamped SEC media days, and why not?

The ramifications are gigantic. Oklahoma and Texas in the SEC would be the first super conference of college sports. The sec, as a league, would truly be without peer.

Texas A&M, who was thrilled to get away from the tenacles of the University of Texas, would be stuck in the same division with the Longhorns, again.

Alabama and Auburn, could be headed to the SEC East.

and the Big 12 would be in shambles, perhaps looking for new members from the American Athletic Conference.

In the world of college football – such a move, would be more than a tremor, it would be epic.

And, for ABC affiliates, like us – who will soon have SEC football each Saturday – the games could be worth millions of dollars.

And, if that’s the case in New Orleans, imagine what it would be like, on a national scale.

So will it happen, and are you for it?

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