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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — If you are 20 years old or younger, you are seeing this for the first time. This is what losing Saints football looks like.

Since Drew Brees arrived in 2006, most of the bad stuff was in the rearview mirror. the Saints were one of the elite franchises in the National Football League.

That time, has sadly passed.

Even if, the Saints get their key players back for the end of the season, and somehow piece together some wins, there is a ceiling as to how far this club can go.

Thursday night, Saints head coach Sean Payton was quite complimentary of quarterback Taysom Hill.

“I thought he played with a lot of guts,” said Payton. he was correct.

But, let’s not confuse guts with the ability to play winning-quarterback in the NFL.

Yes, Hill does not have the weapons he needs.

Yes, he did run for 101 yards.

Yes, according to the NFL network he has a torn tendon in his finger. that he continued to play is admirable.

But, when it comes to Taysom hill’s viability as an nfl starter, we don’t have an answer, and because of injury we may not anytime soon.

there’s no question sean payton loves taysom hill. the club gave him a lucrative extension.