(WGNO) — Tulane is trying to get ESPN’s College GameDay to come to its campus at some point this season.

Now, it’s time to get the fans there.

And you can’t blame them. For years, until just recently, they watched mostly bad football. This year’s team is quite good. And good for them. Wish them nothing but success moving forward.

I often wondered why Tulane can’t seem to get fans to campus. A 4-1 team Saturday drew anywhere from six to eight thousand fans during Fall break. That was obvious despite the 14,000 tickets sold.

Well, the biggest problem was neglect by the previous administration. You can’t expect the fans to care when your previous president, surely didn’t.

Hopefully, that is changing.

Consistent winning changes that, and so does commitment.

I’d like to hear the current president Michael Fitts say the following: “We are committed to being a consistent top 25 program.”

Now that would speak volumes.

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