Ed-itorial: In a battle between Saints and WR Michael Thomas – who wins?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — This week, there were a lot of trade destinations being floated for Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas.

How the Saints trade a player who right now isn’t healthy is a question I would ask. And, here’s another, how do the Saints trade a player who would deliver a significant cap hit to a team that is already salary cap starved?

Just asking.

But, at some point, when the Saints think it is right to move on from Thomas, I think they will.

For years, rumors circulated that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were less than enamored with each other.

The Coach stayed, the player went.

In the Saints organization, Sean Payton is the kingpin.

There is no power struggle.

And, I doubt, that any player, including Michael Thomas, believes he can win that battle.

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