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NEW ORLEANS — It will be a seismic moment – the moment when Arch Manning announces his college choice.

But, you will see in at the end of this column, an interview we did with him this week.

And, he’s in no rush.

Talking to Arch this week, you see a young man growing up who loves football like his uncle Peyton, who has a fun side, like his father Cooper, and who is somewhat un-perturbed by all the attention – much like his uncle Eli.

That’s a pretty nice gene pool to work from.

And, then of course, there’s his grandfather Archie.

I was proud to tell Arch this week that he missed something special, that is the chance to see his grandfather play college football.

Archie Manning hit college football like a lightning bolt.

But, there’s no surprises anymore. since he was in grade school Arch has gotten plenty of attention.

He’s five stars – a young man who with one signature, might make a head coach a winner for the foreseeable future.

Here’s our chat with, Arch Manning.