NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — When new University of Washington director of athletics Troy Dannen told a local radio show he came to Washington to win national championships, he enraged one of the most sensitive fan bases in the country.

Yep. The ones who cheer for the Tulane Green Wave.

Should Dannen have said what he said a little differently? Sure. But, he was talking about football and he was correct. Washington won a title in 1991, and now that they are moving to the Big 10 next academic year, they will have ample opportunity to win another. I am not saying they will, but let me ask you, who has the better avenue to the playoff, a team in the Big 10 or the American Athletic Conference?

Which is what Dannen was saying.

Mr. Dannen’s supposed many detractors are on social media, expressing their displeasure, singing like canaries about all the things he didn’t do. The Dannen haters refer to the lack of success in basketball (changing under Ron Hunter), and the lack of success in baseball (changing under Jay Uhlman) who won the American conference tournament and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

If you are going to point out all the things Dannen didn’t do, here’s what he did. He hired Willie Fritz, and in concert with Tulane President Michael Fitts, gave Fritz an opportunity to succeed, and compensated him very well. Troy Dannen was in a charge of an athletic program that had a football team that won the Cotton Bowl. Any way you slice it, that is a major accomplishment.

So, Uptown, don’t worry be happy. But, I am not sure that’s possible.

It amazes me that Dannen is being condemned, while former President Scott Cowen continues to be held in such high regard. Cowen was a misguided individual, first trying to push Tulane down to D-III, and then when he was unsuccessful, railing on the unfairness of the Bowl Championship Series.

That was red meat for all the academics on campus who don’t like it when athletics is successful.

Under Troy Dannen, Tulane did something that Mr. Cowen deemed impossible.

Regardless, it is time to move on. More success in football could one day lead Tulane back to a Power 5 league. But, even if it doesn’t Tulane sports is fun again.

Time to jump off the hate Dannen train. It is wasted energy.

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