(WGNO) — Saints quarterback Jameis Winston spoke up about losing his job as the saints starting quarterback.

Here’s what Winston told reporters, after practice.

Winston, “It hurts my soul. That’s all I can say. I lost my job due to injury, and the policy is, you don’t lose your job due to injury.”

Just looking at the numbers – Andy Dalton has a higher quarterback rating than Winston, who said that he was hurt and should not have played in the Tampa Bay game.

A couple of thoughts when it comes Winston and Dalton – there isn’t a whole lot of difference.

Both are NFL backups at this point in their careers.

Two, Winston should be miffed. He wouldn’t be a competitor if he wasn’t.

Three, I doubt seriously if he would have said this if Sean Payton were the coach. Payton put the kibosh on any kind of dissidence.

So, the Saints are now a losing team with a quarterback controversy.

This can’t end, frankly, soon enough.