(WGNO) — It was great news coming from both college football polls.

Tulane finishes the season in the Top 10 – ranked No. 9.

A great accomplishment.

The school is expected to backstop this momentum with a bigger commitment to the football program.

Good for the university, and President Michael Fitts.

And, there’s the next step of that – winning big on a consistent level. You never know where that might take you next.

Thirteen years ago, TCU announced it was leaving the Mountain West for the Big East.

After that, the Horned Frogs jumped to the Big 12, and then last night played in the national championship game.

Yes, they were routed by Georgia, but there they were on national TV last night part of the final two.

What Tulane must do is keep winning – year after year after year.

You never know when a door to move the entire athletic department forward opens.

What we saw this season, must not be an outlier. You can’t win 12 every year, but eight or nine with an occasional 10 or 11 sprinkled in, is certainly possible.

Thirteen years ago, TCU was Tulane and look where they are now.