Life without Sean Payton.

It’s something running Alvin Kamara said has been a seamless transition away from the Saints previous head coach.

Maybe so.

In the words of Payton, “We’ll see.”

Dennis Allen hasn’t faced his first in-season crisis yet, but trust me at some point, it will come.

It better not come against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Saints are better. How else do you explain a team being a five-point favorite on the road in a season opener?

And for the Saints to get where they need to be this year – that is a division champion with a chance to host playoff games – they need to beat the Falcons twice.

This isn’t a lay-up game.

Few in the NFL are.

But, the Saints need to win five out of six in the NFC South and they can’t stub their toe on games like Sunday.

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