Dennis Lauscha makes an appearance on New Orleans Saints podcast


NEW ORLEANS, La.– New Orleans Saints and Pelicans President, Dennis Lauscha, made a guest appearance on the New Orleans Saints podcast Monday.

Lauscha discussed the latest with the Saints and Pelicans organizations, Superdome renovations and the challenge of running two different organizations on different calendars.

“We are pretty much operating as though everyone was in the building and we are full go. Obviously there have been some new challenges with Mickey in what he is doing in preparation for the draft. From a basketball standpoint, really doing everything you can to be prepared so that when it is time to resume the season not only can we do it but we can be extremely successful in doing it,” said Lauscha.

“The other part of the focus is preparing for next year. This is oftentimes for both franchises the busiest time of the year, the offseason. This is when you are prepping for the new year, renewing tickets, and pulling together what the fan experience is going to look like for next year. All of those things are going down a similar path as this crisis management that we are dealing with.”

He said that the organizations have been in constant contact since the suspension of spring sports was put into place.

“I’m in constant contact with Mickey (Loomis) and David (Griffin). We have had over 1,000 virtual meetings here in the last week, week and a half which is pretty amazing. If you look at some of our connectivity numbers and some of our traffic that you see just what’s happening in the background, you see an organization which is extraordinarily connected, extraordinarily dialed in and hopefully in a position to take advantage of the position we find ourselves in,” says Lauscha.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.


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