Deafening in the Dome

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New Orleans — The crowd noise was in full effect Sunday in the Saints NFC Divisional round win over the Eagles. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome was deafening for the Saints first playoff game of the season and undoubtedly played a roll in throwing the Eagles off their game.

“Any time you get a delay of game and then a time out there,” Payton said. “There’s an attrition to that noise. I’d like to think that was the case. I’ve seen 12 men in a huddle before on an important down and so it’s all of the communication that strains you– not just on one play but throughout the course of the game.”

“Probably the loudest I’ve heard the dome,” said Saints corner back Marshon Lattimore. “When we played Carolina last year they were pretty loud but this time they were loud and we love that. We love the crowd being in the game with us. That just gives us the extra push to get the job done.”

They all knew that being the top seed in the NFC would be a huge advantage in the post-season– not only for the bye week, but of course for the “Domefield Advantage.” That theory was proven right Sunday evening.

“We think it’s a tremendous advantage to play here. Our fans were fantastic tonight. Communication becomes difficult. We’ve been on both sides of it. We’ve played some tough road venues where it’s real loud– Minnesota, Seattle. And we’ve played at home here. That’s one of the reasons you fight so hard for the best seed you can, so that you have a chance to play with the noise in your favor.”

The Saints host the Rams next Sunday in the NFC Championship game at 2:05 p.m. (CT) and if it’s even possible, it should probably be even louder in the Dome for that one.


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