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John Curtis Christian school head coach JT Curtis said he is waiting on clearance from the LHSAA and Tulane’s Dr. Greg Stewart to play football this weekend against St. Augustine high school.

Last Friday night, 1 or 2 Curtis players came into close contact with a player from their opponent, L.B. Landry high school, who had tested positive for Covid-19.

Out of precaution, the Curtis football team did not practice Wednesday. Instead, players took part in a zoom meeting.

Curtis said he is hopeful that the school will get the go-ahead to play this weekend, even if 1 or 2 of his players are held out of the game.

Here’s our complete interview with JT Curtis from Tuesday afternoon.

If Curtis gets the go ahead to play, the game will be played either Saturday at 2 pm, or Sunday at Noon at Joe Yenni Stadium. With the approach of Hurricane Delta to the Louisiana coast Friday and Saturday, Sunday would appear to be the only option.

If Curtis is not given the okay, the football team could be held out of competition for 14 days.