Cook, Murray picking-up Saints offense

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Metairie, La. -- Saints tight end Jared Cook and running back Latavius Murray are two new pieces to the Saints offense this year, who are expected to be key components to their weekly game plans. They've both had time to get in the playbook these past few months but nothing beats actually getting out on the field and taking reps with Drew Brees and the rest of the offense.

"We're growing and that's all we can do," Cook said. "We'll take it a day at a time and this is the best part now-- with camp going on to getting to know your teammates and us just learning each other, spend the most time together and that's imperative. That's the only way we're going to do it is to be able to talk to each other, grow a day at a time and just stay in each other's ear and communicate. So it's going well. Drew's very vocal and I think that's really good and it makes it easy."

"It's time on task and reps," Brees said. "Because as much as you can sit there and watch film and say 'hey, this is what I'm seeing and you're seeing,' or just talk through it. It doesn't replicate the deep practice or that element that just sinks-in once it happens for real on the field. You need those things to occur, right? You can't just talk about it. You can't just look at it on film. You've got to go out and actually feel it and do it. The more the camp goes-on, I'm hoping that there's a couple of those each day so that by the time the real games come around then we've got all that stuff logged away."

"Obviously when you've been around for a little while you've got a good feel for the game and good knowledge of the game," Murray said. "When you get a veteran player like [Brees] that can simplify what he wants that may help so that you can play better then I think that it's easy to go out there and execute."


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