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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Construction is underway on the Gayle and Tom Benson Athletic Complex at Delgado Community College.

The facility is being constructed down the third base line at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium, home of the Dolphins.

Director of Athletics Joe Scheuermann said the facility is long overdue.

“It is something I have never been able to recruit with,” Coach Scheuermann told WGNO Sports. “Been here 33 years, never had a locker room to show the kids through or let the kids wear one of our uniforms on a visit. It is something that is very exciting.”

Scheuermann said it is important for the school to be current. he said players want bricks and mortar and they want options.

“Everybody likes to look pretty and wear seven different uniforms, wear two different hats and three different gloves,” he explained. “We are just trying to keep up with Joneses.”

Scheuermann, the first coach to win 1,000 games at one school in the history of Louisiana said he will ask baseball alums to get involved.

“We are asking our former players to help us a little bit,” said Scheuermann. “If you guys can get the word out to check their mail. It is the final phase of the program.”