NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Tulane is heading to the AAC Championship with home field advantage!

On Wednesday evening, the university held a pep-rally to pump up students and the team.

“I did not expect this type of boom for football or everything I did not see it coming at all,” said Ross Wilson, a student at Tulane.

It seems to be a re-brand at the university, which is traditionally known for its academics. This year, they’re gaining national exposure for a different reason.

“I talk to my friends back home that go to UGA and those type of big schools and I tell them whats up we are a football team too,” added Wilson.

“It’s becoming a football school which we aren’t really used to,” said another student, Brienna Hanley.

Over 30,000 people will be packed into Yulman Stadium on Saturday watching the Green Wave take on the UCF Knights for the AAC Championship.

“When you’re playing for the championship, when you have knocked off top 25 teams as part of this season it’s given us a lot of exposure and a lot of excitement across the entire community,” said Tulane University President Michael Fitts.

The success of the football team is boosting morale on campus.

“It’s been great to walk around – you see more angry wave walking around you see people excited to come to games again, it’s been a while since that’s happened here,” Director of Broadcasting Corey Gloor said.

Football players are trying to stay humble.

“We are excited but it’s just another game it’s just another opportunity to show what we can do,” said Tulane punter Casey Glover.

Fans are ready to take home the W.

“We are really excited, looking forward to it,” said Glover’s sister, Riley.

The sold out game kicks off at Yulman Stadium at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

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