METAIRIE, La. — The last time we spoke with Chase Fourcade, the former Rummel and Nicholls star said he is still chasing the pro football dream.

During Nicholls’ Pro Day at the New Orleans Saints facility, Fourcade showcased just how much work he’s been putting in to make that dream come true.

“I don’t think I’m eligible for the draft because I’m three years out but it’s my first pro day. My first chance to have scouts and coaches in front of me to see what I’m all about,” says Chase Fourcade.

After a record-breaking career at Nicholls that saw two conference championships and three playoff appearances, Chase Fourcade didn’t have a pro day in 2019 because of Covid.

“From 2019 to April 5, 2022 I was working out, throwing, participating in spring league, did arena ball for the Columbus Lions for a good stint,” says Fourcade.

And coaching up the Nicholls quarterback room as a grad assistant the last two seasons.

When Chase is not on the Colonels sidelines, he’s training around the clock to keep that pro football dream alive.

“I’ve been working out at Ochsner Performance training in Elmwood… I’ve been there for a good, solid three months.”.

Fourcade adds, “On top of that, I throw with Jalen McCleskey and Travis O’Connor Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Harrell Park. That’s been a tradition for two years now.”

That work has been put to the test Sunday with the Calgary Stampeders, Tuesday at Nicholls Pro Day and again today at Southern’s Pro Day.

“I’ve got all of these opportunities coming for me. I’m ready for it. I feel like I’m prepared, I’m ready. I’ve just got to go out there and perform.” says Fourcade.