Carney: Kicking without fans would feel “stale”


NEW ORLEANS, La. – The New Orleans Saints Special Teams unit was arguably one of the best that the NFL had to offer in 2020.

Largely in part to the success and reliability of Saints Pro Bowl Kicker, Will Lutz.

Throughout his NFL career, Lutz has made 87.5% of his field goals, reaching a career high in 2018 with 93%.

While the Superdome is a safe space for Lutz to kick, it serves as a mad house for opposing kickers attempting an extra point or attempting a game-winner.

That could change in 2020, because of mandates that could significantly reduce the number of fans allowed in stands.

Someone who knows a thing or two about kicking for and against the New Orleans Saints is John Carney.

In his career, Carney has kicked over 550 field goals, scoring over 2,000 points.

Carney was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame back in 2014.

He says that kicking in stadiums with a limited capacity or even without fans would impact the overall feel of the game, saying it would feel “bizarre” and “stale.”

To hear his thoughts on the matter, click the link above.


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