NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It was probably the first time Brian Kelly had been asked the question since he took over as LSU head coach.

“Was Saturday the biggest win of your career?”

His answer was confident, yet very realistic.

“The biggest win of my career will be when we win a national championship.”

Kelly explained, “I’m focused on one thing, when I came down here, and that’s to win championships. That’s one game. It was an exciting win, but I don’t put it in the category of ‘the biggest.'”

Next up for the Tigers is Arkansas. WGNO sports director Ed Daniels asked Kelly if he considers the trip to Fayetteville a ‘trap game.’

“I guess,” he said. “I mean, I guess that’s what they call it. I’ve never bought into that because I think if it’s a, if it’s a trap game, you have not done a very good job with your football team. In January and February, for example, January, February, March, we did not train indoors. We trained outdoors. So weather’s not gonna be a factor. We’ve been outside in 50 degree, 40 degree weather. Arkansas is an SEC opponent that beat them last year. Your thoughts affect your physiological response. So we’ve been working on how we think since day one, and it becomes a trap game if you’re not thinking right. And we’ll get our guys thinking the right way and we’ll prepare the right way. And this is about a consistency. If they want to be a consistent program, they’ll think the right way about this game.”

Enough said, Coach Kelly. Enough said.

Onto the next one.