Brees weighs-in on LSU

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Metairie, La. — LSU is the top team in the country in all the polls, and they’ve been what everyone wants to talk about — even Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

“I think they’re doing everything pretty well honestly,” Brees said. “They’ve got a really good offense because they’ve got very good quarterback who’s making really good decisions. The RPO game is hard to defend– especially with that running back– who looks exactly like Mark Ingram by they way– #22. And then obviously a wealth of riches at receiver and guys that can make a ton of plays. They’re scoring points. They’re running the football. They’re throwing the football and obviously they’re playing really good defense as well.”

LSU’s passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach Joe Brady has been a key piece in the Tigers’ success offensively, and having been an offensive assistant with the Saints last year, Brees even recognizes some of their own plays out there.

“It was maybe back when they were playing Florida a couple weeks ago,” Brees said. “This was when I was rehabbing my thumb so I was in there with Beau [Lowery] and we’re watching TV, watching the game. At the end of the game they run this play. I said ‘Hey text Joe Brady right now and say great job checking to a certain play versus a certain coverage, a certain look. That was a great call.’ And of course after the game [Beau] gets a text back from Joe Brady saying ‘How do you know what that’s called?’ At times I can see what they’re doing and call it out.”


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