Bonine: Football teams will get extra week of practice in the fall


LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine said Thursday that high school football teams in the state will be granted an extra week of practice because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bonine noted that it is the same protocol followed when teams do not have a spring practice.

The LHSAA cancelled all spring sports seasons and all spring sports championships, and winter championships that had yet to be completed. The Association informed coaches and administrators of its decision Thursday morning.

Bonine said it will be up to the schools and schools districts to decide when to open weight rooms. All facilities will likely remain closed through the end of the school year. Governor John Bel Edwards said “there was a really good chance” that schools would remain shuttered through the school year.

Bonine said the LHSAA does not legislate 7 on 7. However, he issued a word of caution for schools who plan to take part in those football activities in the summer.

“I would be hesistant to be the first to try that,” said Bonine in a phone interview.

Bonine said he has not ruled out starting the football season playing games without fans. He said that isn’t his desire, but noted that the LHSAA did exactly that in the final two days of the boys state basketball tournament at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles.

“If that’s what we have to do, we will do it,” said Bonine. “



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