Bonine: Contingency plans in place in case of a future outbreak


NEW ORLEANS, La. – In a Zoom conference call Wednesday nihgt, LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine discussed a variety of issues surrounding the upcoming high school football season.

Last month, it was reported that several schools across the state were holding unauthorized workouts ahead of the established June 8th date for summer activities to resume.

While speaking on the subject, Bonine says that allegations were reported against 18 schools.

Of the 18, 2 schools admitted to holding the workouts, and 1 remains under investigation after a 24-second video surfaced of a team holding an organized workout with coaches and personnel.

LHSAA committee members were supposed to review that video during a meeting this week, but their systems crashed.

Now Bonine is tasked with meeting with the school in question to verify those involved.

Bonine said, “I made a suggestion that the committee allow me to work with that school and go back to make complete definite identifications with their verification even though we sent that one 24 second video to them to review so today there was no action taken on any of those schools in violation other than 1 was there and there were two total and we postponed that until i’m able to work with them away from the board meeting.”

Still no word on what school is under investigation.

Another issue at hand comes in the aftermath of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards announcing that he will be postponing the state’s Phase 3 transition to next month.

This calls into question the future of Louisiana high school athletics in the fall semester, football in particular, if the state remains in Phase 2 come the start of the school year.

“The further we go past July and into July, Jamborees are in jeopardy, scrimmages are in jeopardy, and then potentially weeks 1,2, and 3. We have contingencies if week 1 doesn’t play if week 2 doesn’t play and week 3 at this point. This precedent has been set before with hurricanes with certain games that have been postponed or canceled portions of the season so that’s not unprecedented. We are going to work our way through that process with all of our fall sports.”

Bonine says that the Football Coaches Association will be holding a conference call later today to discuss the timeline for the upcoming season and what needs to be in place in case of another COVID-19 peak.


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