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Metairie, La. — Antonio Brown was among 6 wide receivers that worked-out with the Saints on Friday. In his weekly press conference with the media, Saints Head Coach Sean Payton was asked if there was any imminent plan to sign AB, and this was his response: “No, not now,” Payton said. “We had six guys in today, really. Six receivers that we worked out and a few of them are practice what eligible. A few of them are veteran players. We worked them out, giving them physicals, mainly doing our due diligence on all of those players. Obviously, there’s a little bit more attention drawn to him (Brown) because of his career, but right now it was more or less us having a chance to get to know these guys and seeing what kind of shape they’re all in.” After Payton’s presser, the locker room was open and Ted Ginn Jr. and Demario Davis spoke about the possibility of Brown joining their team.
“It would be great,” said Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. “He’s been in this game for a while. You know what different guys that come in and can do especially down the stretch like this. The type of talent that he has matches what we have around here. As long as he want to come in and win and be a team player that’s nothing that we can shy away from.” “Our front office knows what it’s doing,” said Saints linebacker Demario Davis. “They’ve done a good job of building a very strong team with a strong culture. We’ve got a very strong locker room. Everybody that’s stepped into this locker room has always just added to it. We’ve got great chemistry, great brotherhood, great bond, great leadership and I think that attributes to our success on the field. Everybody that they bring here is football-minded and championship-minded. If they bring him in he’s only going to add to our locker room dynamic.” “He brings everything,” Ginn said. “He’s a top guy in this league– been a top guy in this league. His attitude and the way he approaches the game, the way he plays the game, he’s kind of like amazing at certain times. There’s so many things that he does. Bringing him in and putting him in with a guy like Mike and the rest of us that’s in the corps is a great situation.”