American Legion baseball is back: scores and highlights from June 20th

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American Legion Baseball made its return on June 20th, after overcoming many obstacles due to COVID-19.

Louisiana baseball chairman Sidney Parfait says the 7 games played on Saturday, meant a lot to all involved.

“I can tell you I probably have goosebumps all over just to have the participation that we’ve had. Some schools couldn’t participate due to different rules in different parishes. To see it all come together, it was a lot of hard work,” said Parfait. “I’ve been doing this for 37-38 years, this has been the hardest to put together. Yet it’s been the most fulfilling to finally see some games take place.”

Saturday’s results

Alliance Graphics Titans – 9 Delta World tire – 1

Townsend Homes- 16 Lucky Bags Cornehole – 14

Noranda Bulldogs – 3 Retif Oil 2 -1

Retif Oil #1 – 11 Refuel – 1

Bill Hood Titans – 3 College Funding Coach – 3 TIE

Ponstein’s – 6 Ernest M. Henry Post 438 – 5

Townsend Homes Blue – 7 Northshore Hawks – 6

An abbreviated state tournament will be held July 9-12 at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium.


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