12-year-old Sophia Macias is using golf to impact her community


Sophia Macias is using golf to change the course for juniors in the sport.

Sophia Macias said, “I want to give every girl, or anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort the chance to do something great or use this as a launching pad, that is what golfs about.”

The first time she picked up a club six years ago, it was love at first sight. But something she didn’t see a lot of was other golfers like her.

James Macias said, “She asked me why is there not other girls out here and I said wellI can’t explain that. You’re just going to have to inspire those girls and show them that they can get out here.”

In 2018 Sophia created her nonprofit No Worries Just Birdies, in hope to generate interest in the sport, all while giving back to the community.

Sophia said, “We don’t think golf should be more on winning, it’s more of an outlet. That’s the no worries part. The just birdies is you just hope you get a birdie.”

The organization has hosted numerous tournaments and clinics. With funds going towards Sophia’s former schools, including South Walker Elementary.

Sophia said, “We built a new playground and built a special needs accessible swing so people with wheelchairs can go swing like everyone else.”

James said, “We were able to raise almost thirty thousand dollars and put an AC unit inside of Live Oak Middle School out in Watson. Last year we won the Peggy Kirk Bell award and that kind of put our names out there.”

Sophia has compete in national and world championships across the country, but the biggest reward comes from sharing the sport she loves with those around her.

Chris Burkstaller said, “Sophia is a great role model. I think a lot of the kids in general not just girls are seeing the success that she’s had and are trying to emulate her.”

Sopia said, “Seeing other girls out here means a lot to me because this is what I’ve been trying for. To get more people to see how great the game of golf is.”

The future looks great for Sophia Macias.

Sophia said, “My dream is to go to Stanford, and I know that’s a big dream but I think I can make it true.”


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