METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — After Tuesday’s practice, Saints’ new defensive coordinator Joe Woods spoke with WGNO’s Ed Daniels about his first season in New Orleans, working with Dennis Allen, and creating turnovers.

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and that’s kind of the deal with this defense, right?” asked Daniels.

Woods responded, “Absolutely. I know this defense from coaching against them, and I’ve known [Dennis Allen] for a long time. So for me, I’m just trying to come in, teach the proper technique, the technique that he wants, and try to clean up some issues they had last year.”

The Saints had a minus-11 turnover ratio with just 14 takeaways and ranked second to last in the NFL in both of those categories. When asked how the Saints can create more turnovers, Woods answered quickly, “Technique.”

“Takeaways come in bunches, but they come when you play good technique. And it’s a factor of rushing coverage, whether it’s 4-man rush or you’re bringing pressure, and guys executing in the back end. So as long as we’re playing our technique and playing fast, turnovers will come.”

Woods said he’s already seeing big-play flashes from some young players they brought in during the offseason — especially among defensive backs — the group Woods is working with the most.

“Adrian Frye has done a good job, and Jordan Howden is very smart, executes his responsibility. Alontae Taylor, that’s my first exposure to him. I saw Paulson for a little while, and [Bradley] Roby,” he said. “I think we have a lot of talent back there.”

Frye went undrafted, but the Saints extended a rookie minicamp invite to him back in April.

The Saints selected Minnesota’s Jordan Howden with the 146th overall pick in the fifth round of the draft.

Adebo and Roby were not present at practice today and both missed time last season due to injuries, and while no signs point to those cornerbacks missing training camp, adjusting lineups is no problem for Joe Woods.

In 2022, he led a Browns defensive unit that had a constantly-evolving cast of players because of roster transactions and injuries. Despite the changes, the Browns tied for fourth in the NFL in passes defensed (85) and ranked fifth in pass defense (196.2 ypg.) and helped Cleveland win four of its last seven games after a 3-7 start., surrendering 17 points or fewer in five of the contests.

Alontae Taylor mentioned the word “technique” when referring to Coach Woods here:

WGNO also asked Demario Davis about Joe Woods. Watch here:

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