NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers has released an updated timeline for the arrival of the saltwater wedge.

As of Thursday, Oct. 19, corps officials say the saltwater isn’t expected to reach Belle Chasse and Dalcour until Nov. 13 and 18. That is an estimated two weeks later than earlier predictions.

They add, facilities further upriver are now not expected to see significant salt content in the water.

The latest changes to the forecasted arrival include:

  • Boothville: No change
  • Port Sulphur: No change
  • Pointe A La Hache: No change
  • Belle Chasse: Nov. 13 (previously Oct. 27)
  • Dalcour: Nov. 18 (previously Nov. 1)
  • St. Bernard: Not anticipated to experience chloride levels exceeding 250 ppm (previously Nov. 8)
  • New Orleans Algiers: No change
  • Gretna: No change
  • West Jefferson: No change
  • New Orleans Carrollton: No change
  • East Jefferson: No change

Corps officials say the changes can be credited to the construction on the sill partnered with the flow of the Mississippi River. The toe of the wedge has reportedly remained at river mile 63.9 since Oct. 9.

While the latest forecast shows delays, Port Sulphur and Pointe A La Hache continue to deal with the impacts.

To view the latest report, visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ website.

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