PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. (WGNO) — While Orleans and Jefferson parishes are happy for the extra time to prepare for the saltwater intrusion, it continues to be a problem for Plaquemines Parish.

“This is our livelihood. You can’t live without water,” says restaurant owner Dylan Butler.

Having clean drinking water is still something many Plaquemines Parish residents are fighting to have consistently.

“Having to boil your water, and brush your teeth in salt, it’s been rough. I’m very fortunate to have the resources to get the water but it’s not been that easy for others,” says Butler.

Smith explains that whether it’s the lack of water pressure or the saltwater intrusion, he has had to alter the way he conducts his business.

“We had to dip each piece of meat, and each piece of fish into a bucket to make sure it was clean. Kentwood water, whatever water we had to go buy from town. It was definitely a dirty job without being able to use a water hose and a fish processing room,” says Butler.

Plaquemines Parish President Keith Hinkley says that more reverse osmosis machines will provide a temporary fix, but a permanent solution has to be found.

“You can build a permanent reverse osmosis on the site and that’s what we are going to be looking at doing. These reverse osmosis machines that we have on-site right now are mobile units,” says Hinkley.

Butler says that he hopes that a permanent solution will bring an end to the saltwater threat for good.

“I pray and hope that they are doing the best they can for us to all operate and live and do what we do down here. With water from Belle Chasse on down, it’s one road, one highway, one water line,” says Butler.

Hinkley says the parish hopes to have a permanent solution soon.

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