MARRERO, La (WGNO) — Jefferson Parish officials have announced that the flexible water line installed to mitigate saltwater intrusion is successful.

The announcement follows a test that was conducted on the waterline to protect drinking water from the saltwater intrusion in the Mississippi River on Thursday, Oct. 26.

The saltwater is no longer expected to impact drinking water in Jefferson, Orleans, or St. Bernard parishes. However, Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng said it was necessary to make sure the waterline worked in case of any future threats to drinking water.

“Directors and staff from various Jefferson Parish departments, including public works, engineering, water, drainage, streets and capital projects, have been working together on innovative mitigation measures in response to the saltwater intrusion and have delivered in a timely manner,” Sheng said. “While the latest forecast from the corps is favorable for our parish, we want to always be prepared to provide fresh water to Jefferson Parish residents in worst-case scenarios.”

Construction began on the waterline on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and was completed Tuesday, Oct. 24. The system begins at the intake of the West Bank Water Treatment Plant and is comprised of eight 12-inch diameter flexible lay-flat pipes that span 15 miles.

Sheng said the parish is working on getting approval to complete a similar process on the East Bank.

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