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Which Harley Quinn Funko Pop is best?

There are perhaps no more recognizable collector’s figurines than Funko Pop. These popular toys initially looked to comics for inspiration, depicting a range of superheroes and supervillains, big and small, from movies as well as TV shows.

The beloved antihero Harley Quinn features in myriad options, inspired by her many turns in both animated and live-action stories. While this Roller Derby Harley Quinn, a colorful rendition of a more recent look, is among the best options, many options appeal to fans of all versions of the iconic character.

What to know before you buy a Harley Quinn Funko Pop

What are Funko Pop figurines? 

Most Funko figurines are uniform in size and shape, standing at just under four inches tall. They feature slender bodies and large heads; they are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which allows for inexpensive and efficient manufacturing of pieces.

They are not articulated, which means their parts cannot be moved or positioned. Instead, they appeal to fans and collectors who want to display their favorite characters at home or in the office. 


Individual Funko Pop take their inspiration from a variety of source material, with figurines modelled after specific scenes from comics, TV shows and films. Harley Quinn first appeared in comics over 30 years ago and subsequently made her way to animated series, animated films, live-action films and video games. Harley Quinn is a DC Comics property and often appears in stories alongside The Joker.

How many toys do you want?

Some consumers opt to buy a handful of Funko vinyls across a year or two, while others are avid collectors. Consider immediate purchases as well as those you may make in the future and how they might relate to your collection at home. If you’re just seeking out a fun character to adorn a desk or shelf, then buy the most appealing option.

However, some consumers may want to invest in a series of the same character or collect various figurines from the same film, show or comic. For example, some fans may prefer Harley Quinn’s cinematic turn in Birds of Prey and acquire related figurines, while others may embrace her different look from her early comics appearance.

What to look for in a quality Harley Quinn Funko Pop


Funko vinyls are often released at specific events or sold by a certain retailer. Some options are only available on Funko’s website, while others must be bought directly by a partner, like Amazon. In both cases, the number of figurines manufactured is limited; exactly how many will be made is uncertain, encouraging collectors to rush to get them.

Convention exclusives may only be available at the event at that time, but some may later come available at a partnered retailer. Exclusivity will be noted by a sticker on the box.

Chase edition

Some Funko vinyls feature slight, unique variations on their original mold, called Chase. When a Funko has a variant available, it will be indicated with a Chase sticker. However, there is a one-in-six chance that a Chase will be shipped to the consumer if bought directly from Funko or a partnered retailer. Chase editions can also be purchased from secondary resellers, but they will come at a higher price.


Some Harley Quinn Funko vinyls may be coated or tinted in a particular color, featuring gold or metallic finish, for example. Others may feature neon markings, and some may even glow in the dark. Others may be made in black and white. There is also a pink-coated Harley Quinn Funko toy that is in support of breast cancer awareness.

How much you can expect to spend on Harley Quinn Funko Pop

Most Funko vinyls cost between $10-$20, but exclusive options will likely cost more.

Harley Quinn Funko Pop FAQ

When will new Harley Quinn Funko toys come out?

A. Funko typically releases new characters and series ahead of or alongside new content that is shown in theatres or on TV. Often the products come out weeks or months before a new movie or show to get fans excited; if they are released after a new piece of content, it’s often because the toy would offer a story spoiler.

Should I open the box or leave the Funko toy inside?

A. Unless you’re an avid collector or someone looking to resell the toy and make money, there isn’t much value in keeping the Funko inside the box. If it’s in the box, only the front of the vinyl will be visible, which limits its aesthetic appeal. For those concerned about it getting ruined or worn over time, clear display cases are available to purchase to keep them looking new for years to come. 

What’s the best Harley Quinn Funko Pop to buy?

Top Harley Quinn Funko Pop

Roller Derby Harley Quinn

What you need to know: Inspired by Harley Quinn’s character in the film where she finally got a live-action starring turn, this colorful and detailed vinyl is lively and full of attitude.

What you’ll love: Harley Quinn fans will flock to this vinyl featuring her roller derby outfit from the film “Birds of Prey.” Complete with mismatching eyeliner, a heart on her cheek and poms on her skates, this Funko is ideal for any Harley adorer. 

What you should consider: This specific outfit may only appeal to fans of the film.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Harley Quinn Funko Pop for the money

Dia De Los DC Harley

What you need to know: As a forthcoming release, this inspired model blends Harley’s classic comics outfit with a Day of the Dead garment.

What you’ll love: As part of the latest Dia de los Muertos series from Funko, this year finds a collection of DC villains styled in sugar skull makeup with decorated outfits. This option comes at a low price and features Harley’s iconic jester costume.

What you should consider: May be best to invest in the whole series, which features nearly ten Funkos.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley

Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley

What you need to know: Inspired by the Arkham video games series, this eye-catching vinyl features Harley in her colorful yet menacing asylum nurse outfit.

What you’ll love: Being one of only a handful of Harley Quinn vinyls drawn from the popular video game series, this model features impressive detail and subtleties. Instantly recognizable — even without the name tag.

What you should consider: Derived from a more obscure source material and comes with a higher price tag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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