Which hot chocolate gift sets are best?

A delicious cup of hot chocolate warms the body and the spirit, especially during the festive holiday season. While hot chocolate may be somewhat of an indulgence, it’s certainly a drink that embraces feelings of coziness and happiness, which is why it makes for such a terrific gift.

A hot chocolate gift set may feature any number of flavors of hot chocolate, as well as some useful accessories and extras to fully enjoy it. This Whittard of Chelsea Cocoa Creations Gift Set is a top pick due to its high quality ingredients and varied flavors, though it’s just one of many options available for chocolate lovers.

What to know before you buy a hot chocolate gift set

What is in a hot chocolate gift set?

Hot chocolate makes for a popular holiday gift as the sweet and rich beverage can provide some much needed physical and mental comfort during the colder months. Sets will feature a variety of hot chocolate flavors and may also contain one or two mugs in which to enjoy the drink. Since these are common presents, they tend to feature aesthetically-pleasing and well-constructed boxes. Some products may feature extras like marshmallows, candy canes or stir sticks to fully embrace the experience.


Consider the type of chocolate that’s included in the set.  While traditional milk or dark chocolate are common, there are high-end options that feature various flavor infusions with different tastes and textures. Vanilla, caramel, white chocolate and even orange chocolate aren’t uncommon. Toasted marshmallows and peppermint are particularly popular come the holiday season. Some flavors may be light and silky, while others taste rich and powerful.


Take note of how the hot chocolate is to be prepared. Most options simply offer packs that are to be poured into a mug alongside hot water. Some mixes come within a to-go cup or with a matching mug to use. One-use packs can be tedious and wasteful, while higher-end sets include tins that can be reused.

What to look for in a quality hot chocolate gift set


Consider not only the number of flavors included, but also about how many servings each pack allows for. While inexpensive sets may feature a variety of single-serve options, others offer increased capacity for multiple use. 


When it comes to hot chocolate gift sets, looks may be just as important as an enjoyable taste. Seek out gift sets that look beautiful and are carefully crafted, which will greatly add to the gift’s appeal. Some products may embrace festive aesthetics, while others may be more timeless and elegant. Those mixes that are contained in tins instead of wrappers can be displayed on the countertop.


While some hot chocolate mixes are naturally flavored, there are others that are artificially flavored. Some sets may include both types while some specific recipes may even include both natural and artificial flavors. Consider to what extent the type of flavoring is important to you or the recipient. Some may prefer natural options, while those with a sweet tooth seeking a kick may opt for artificial flavors. 

How much you can expect to spend on hot chocolate gift set

Most hot chocolate gift sets cost between $15 and $25 depending on the quality and quantity of the hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate gift set FAQ

What’s the difference between chocolate and cocoa?

A. Chocolate comprises cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Cocoa powder itself is often sold in hot chocolate gift sets, offering a purer alternative to chocolate as it does not contain the cocoa butter. Generally, cocoa is healthier as it removes some of the fat and sugar associated with cocoa butter. Chocolate and cocoa come from the cacao tree; cacao is raw and when heated, it turns into cocoa.

Does hot chocolate contain any common allergens or sensitivities?

A. When shopping for a hot chocolate gift set, it’s important to know the ingredients as well as the dietary habits and restrictions of anyone you’re buying it for. Many options contain dairy, notably milk. However, some sets or individual packs of the set may be suitable for plant-based diets and those who are lactose intolerant. Also take note of the inclusion of any nuts, a common allergen. 

What are the best hot chocolate gift sets to buy?

Top hot chocolate gift set

Whittard of Chelsea Cocoa Creations Gift Set

Whittard of Chelsea Cocoa Creations Gift Set

What you need to know: Beautiful gift set featuring six high-quality hot cocoa mixes from a  trusted name in sweets.

What you’ll love: Set includes six flavorful and diverse mixes, including salted caramel and rocky road. Set allows for up to 35 servings. Comes in an elegant box.

What you should consider: This product is on the pricier side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hot chocolate gift set for the money

Ten Acres Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Set

Ten Acres Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Set

What you need to know: From a popular name in chocolates, this affordable gift set features the holiday spirit and a tasty treat.

What you’ll love: Cute gift set for one that includes a reindeer-decorated mug along with a reindeer stir stick that attaches to the rim. Rich double chocolate flavor is enhanced by included marshmallows. Inexpensive.

What you should consider: This contains only one serving of hot chocolate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Thoughtfully Gifts Godiva Holiday Set

Thoughtfully Gifts Godiva Holiday Set

What you need to know: An adorable holiday present, this set featuring a mug and mix comes wrapped up ready to gift

What you’ll love: From Belgium’s top chocolatier, this Godiva gift includes a large mug and delectable, rich chocolate mix. Well-priced and elegantly wrapped.

What you should consider: There’s a limited hot chocolate supply.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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