SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — Miki Jones and her husband, Frank, are better known as Glitter N’ Gold.

They were a music duo born in the 1990s to bring hope and motivation during tough times by performing at nursing homes and schools. It’s what led Miki to be named WGNO’s Remarkable Woman winner.

“We went to Lawless Elementary School and that’s in a rough neighborhood in New Orleans,” Jones tells WGNO. “This big guy comes up to my husband and he says ‘I’ll have you know I’m the drug dealer in this neighborhood.’ My husband says ‘uh huh.’ And he says ‘I want to tell you something.’ Frank said yes. He says ‘thank you. You don’t understand. I have to do it for money but my children go to this school and I don’t want them to do drugs.’”

The program was forced to take a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Joneses continue to send letters and make phone calls to Mayor Latoya Cantrell, the city council, and other city leaders in hopes of bringing their anti-violence initiative back to life.

“Music is a universal language,” Frank Jones said. “And if you can’t reach anybody with anything else, you can reach them with music.”

Congrats, Miki!

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