NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Mark Twain asked the question a long time ago, and it was a good one.

“Why is youth always wasted on the young?”

At UNO, 1,468 college students voted against a student fee for football.

Football would be a major sea change at the University of New Orleans. In the fall, when the school disappears from the sports radar, Southland Conference football would put them on the map.

And, my guess is that it would attract students along the way.

But, that’s only a guess, and perhaps we will never know.

Several years ago, LSU wanted to renovate its student union. Students were charged for that.

As expected, they howled. As expected, the university did what needed to be done.

Adults made the decision.

In the University of Louisiana system, it is mandated that students get their say; and they spoke… volumes.

Too bad.

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