NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A Garden District mansion known as “Ghost Manor” will be featured on ABC’s show, “The Great Halloween Fright Fight,” and the owners have a chance at winning $50,000 if their house wins the “fright fight.”

For the last 11 Halloweens, after the ghosts and skeletons finish their spooking on the streets, they come to “Ghost Manor,” a spooky speakeasy where the frights are just right!

Families wanting to be spooked by ghosts, singing and dancing skeletons, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns flock to “Ghost Manor” on the corner of Magazine and Second streets.

David Gentry owns “Ghost Manor” and is the mastermind behind all the incredible, handmade animatronics.

Gentry said, “What makes this skeleton character so special is the arm movements, they have five motors in each arm, the shoulders have three access points, and they can go this way, turn that way, also the elbows, and finally the wrists. All the motors can make him really expressive at gesturing. The little motors for the wrists are all sculpted. These bones are sculpted, and I have to design them digitally and then 3D print them.”

Gentry uses a performance capture device, which basically acts like a puppeteer. It controls the character’s movements, and then records the movements, and puts it in a show that people can enjoy.

You can watch “The Great Halloween Fright Fight” on ABC’s WGNO-TV on Sunday at 9 p.m.

If you’d like to go check out the “Ghost Manor” show, you can visit their Instagram page for showtimes.

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