HAMMOND La. (WGNO) — Part of the fun at the Louisiana Renaissance Fest is getting to ride the thrilling and human-powered rides!

Do you dare to ride “The Crow’s Nest,” “The Carasello” or “The Sea Dragon?” These are all fun-filled rides at the Renaissance Fest and families are excited to experience them.

“The Crow’s Nest” is a ride that spins you like a top.

“This ride is 1,600-pound resting weight, it uses centripetal force and momentum. There are no pulleys. There is no motor. Just all brawn,” said ride operator Space Fairy.

The rides are all human-powered by ride operators who are affectionately known as “push monkeys.”

“It is pretty exhausting. As I like to say, I am here for your entertainment, not my health,” Space Fairy said.

She went on to say, “We spin you all the way up, unwind you and spin you back up again. It spins you around, gets you dizzy and then un-dizzies you.”

Rider 11-year-old Michael Boudreaux said, “It spun really fast, like a tornado. Super fun. It was amazing. Everyone should do it.”

Rider 6-year-old Nora Newberry said, “This ride is so cool. It goes really fast.”

Nora’s dad, Chad Newberry, rode along with his daughter and said, “Honestly, I didn’t think the ropes would make it swing that fast. It definitely had an old time feel. Makes you think like back in the day this is what they’d do for fun.”

The next ride is “The Carasello.”

Ride operator Cody Bailey said, “It is a two man powered ride. We push the bars to make it go in a circle and then we spin the outer chairs.”

Rider 16-year old Isabella Ruiz absolutely loved it.

“I’m very dizzy, but that was really fun. I would come do this again. It was very impressive actually,” Ruiz said.

The next ride we’ve got for you is “The Sea Dragon.”

“Basically, a swing that is meant for seven to eight people. I push it the entire time. We do flips, hang upside down, basically make people happy,” said My Dragon Attractions ride operator Bam Valraven.

He went on to say, “It definitely builds muscles. I love to see the kids happy, but I also love to see them get terrified, and mom and dad love that part so much more.”

Fun-filled rides that’ll make you feel empowered!

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