NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A French Quarter business is selling “enchanted” brooms just in time for Halloween.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez went to Vampire Apothecary to see what makes these brooms magical.

“My mother always sends me pictures of my birthday from the past. This year, she sent me pictures of my 7th birthday. All the other kids had brand new bikes, and all I wanted was a broom,” said Vampire Apothecary Owner Marita Crandle.

Since she was a little girl, Crandle has been enchanted by brooms.

“Brooms can take you anywhere. Your imagination is the limit. Brooms have always been magical to me, so I wanted to create something really enchanting,” she said.

She went on to say, “When I was a girl, I would always dream about my trips in the future to Italy and Paris on my broom. I think 7-year-old Marita would be happy with where I’ve landed.”

At her French Quarter business, she’s now selling bewitching brooms. She says she likes to imagine the brooms were left there by careless witches. Some are already enchanted, while others need a spell on them.

“You could just get any regular broom at any Halloween store or Home Depot, but there’s something special about enchanted brooms,” she said.

Some of the enchanted brooms available include: “The Swamp Witch,” “The Garden Witch,” “The Boozy Witch” and “The Sea Witch.”

Vampire Apothecary is located at 725 St. Peter St.

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