NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — For the past 10 years, You Night Empowering Events has helped empower women fighting cancer.

The program does so with events and a runway show where the women show their families and medical providers just how strong they are. WGNO’s Kenny Lopez got a preview of Saturday’s event.

Monica Washington is a breast cancer survivor originally from Romania. She’s one of 32 women strutting their strength for the 10th annual You Night Empowering Events runway show.

“Even though I always fight my battles alone, this was the first time I realized I was not alone in this,” said Washington, whose stage 2 cancer is in remission.

“I was afraid. I was feeling powerless,” she said.

Feeling powerless no more, Washington feels fierce as she gets ready for You Night’s runway show on Saturday night at Gallier Hall.

“For the first time, I was ready to face the reality of cancer,” Washington said.

Lisa McKenzie is the founder of You Night. For years, she’s strived to help these women heal their emotional scars.

“After the treatment ends for many women, that’s when the battle begins, a psychological, mental battle,” McKenzie said.

You Night brings women together in a sisterhood of support. For months, these cancer warriors work with professional modeling coaches.

“When they find the power, they use their plan for purpose and the runway shows that,” McKenzie said.

Last year, the organization broke a “Guinness World Record” for having the most models, 430, in a runway show. They did so representing 18 different cancers.

“Everyone who comes will feel their strength. It is not a sad event. Such, a fun, empowering, inspiring event,” McKenzie said.

Feeling empowered again is exactly what survivors like Washington say they needed.

“They changed my life one day at a time. They gave me strength when I didn’t know I had any, the power to fight and be again victorious,” Washington said.

This year’s event will take place at Gallier Hall on Saturday, Oct. 14. The runway show begins at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are still available.

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